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Research Workshop with SSE

WIN-Lab has promoted an international research collaboration with the Stockholm School of Innovation (SSE). On May 14, to kick-off our collaboration, we held the first research workshop with members of the House of Innovation at SSE. Prof. Holmer Kok and Prof. Mark A. Conley from SSE, and Prof. Hideo Owan, Prof. Toshio Murase, and Prof. Takumi Shimizu from WIN-Lab gave research presentations. SSE and WIN-Lab will make further collaborations to advance innovation theories.

Title of presentations
  • Holmer Kok, “Alliances as sources of unique knowledge ties: The impact of partner knowledge recombination novelty on firm's knowledge utilization”
  • Mark A. Conley, “Time Constraints on Creativity and Innovation”
  • Hideo Owan, The Productivity Effect of National Research Grants: Evidence from Japanese JSPS Funding in Economics”
  • Toshio Murase, “Learning from Failures”
  • Takumi Shimizu, “Sustaining Member Interactions in Professional Online Communities”
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Research Conference of AAOS (Soshiki gakkai)

The work of “Learning from Failure” project was presented at the research conference 2019 of the Academic Association for Organization Science (AAOS) held in Komazawa University on June 2. The paper consists of the theoretical framework.

Title of presentation
  • Kosaka, K., Ito, T., Taniguchi, R., & Murase, T. “How organizations learn from failure”
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AOM 2019

Prof. Edman, Prof. Malen, Prof. Mitsuhashi, Prof. Yamanoi, and Prof. Shimizu, T. presented their work at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management held on August 8th to 13th in Boston, USA. WIN-Lab will continue to disseminate its research outcomes internationally.

Details of this meeting can be found here:

Title of presentations

  • Datar, A., Mitsuhashi, H., & Nakamura, A. (2019) To be Vague, or Not to Be: Firms’ Avoidance of Vague Language and Performance below Aspirations.
  • Edman, J. & Oda, Y. (2019) Unintended Consequences: Institutional Work and the Inadvertent Maintenance of Grand Challenges.
  • Malen, J. (2019) Improving Environmental Performance: Competitor and Stakeholder Influences.
  • Yamanoi, J., Shimizu, T., & Nagayama, S. (2019) Attentional Allocation and Firm Performance: The Interactive Effects of Product Diversification.